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Coffee Shop in Kallepia

Located centrally in the beautiful quaint village of Kallepia is a unique coffee shop where you can purchase hot or cold drinks, such as Latte and Cappuccino along with a vast range of light bites, pies, baguettes, salads and homemade cakes.  Our bacon butties are very popular.

Crafts Centre

At the rear of the property is a lovely room where workshops on a variety of different subjects are taught by experienced teachers.   

Some of the workshops include:

Making Jewellery for Beginners

Using Crystals for Personal Health

Mosaic for Beginners

Learn how to Read the Tarot Cards

Mediumship for Beginners

We also have our spiritual international tarot reader (by booking only). Many people come from all round the world to see what is in store for them.  

We also offer a complete relaxing treatment experience, known as Reiki Chakra Balancing.  The human body has several chakras, like spinning vortexes aligned from your head to the base of your spine.  If any of these chakras are blocked or not spinning freely then conditions can start to develop.  By using the natural energy from crystals and the powerful healing of Reiki, your chakras are reactivated to spin again.  If nothing else, it's just a beautiful, relaxing experience.

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