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My name is Sarah, I am an International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Reiki Healer.  I am known as 'The Spiritual Mystique'.  For over 20 years I taught in education: Business, IT & Accountancy.  All my life I experienced episodes with spirits, but just felt weird and kept it to myself.  Finally, I am following my spiritual journey and enjoying every minute.

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If you are still reading this, then you are guided here for a reason.  I have so many offers on at the moment, I'm sure one of them would be of interest to you, if not all.

The one item I would not be without, and these are perfect enough to even take travelling with you, are my crystals.  Crystals have such an important role to play as many of them work with parts of your body, similar to your chakras.  For instance, if you have just experienced heartache then a Rose Quartz crystal is the piece you need.  Some hold it against their heart but as long as it is near to you it will help with any condition that affects the heart.  There is virtually a crystal for any condition, and it is something that I am so passionate about as they have helped me out greatly.

Crystals should be recharged regularly.  Many people place them in direct view of a full moon.  Some place them inside earth in the ground.  Others use a charging plate, which is another crystal that supercharges others.  A Clear Quartz crystal is known as a 'Master' healer and is used for so much because it is known for its high vibrations.  Mine is always at my bedside cabinet, but the beauty of it is that there is a crystal for all the chakras in your body.  If I have a sore throat or perhaps I have a meeting that I need to be vocal at, then my 'Lapis Lazuli' (blue crystal) is my go-to crystal.  Either hold it against your throat or pop it in your pocket.  As long as it is near to you it will benefit you with its healing properties. 

Chakra Stones and Clear Quartz Charging Plate

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You will receive a detailed handout explaining the healing properties for each of these crystals.
All these for £49.99 plus postage & packaging.

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6 month Tarot Card Reading PLUS your life purpose card PLUS a message from heaven

A beautiful reading for you to keep and look back on.  What is going to happen in the next 6 months?  I can only read what the card says and what my guides give me to supplement the reading.  It will be honest, concise and summarised.  The life purpose card is brilliant for anyone who is struggling with choosing careers.   Then as a complimentary message, I will connect with your spirit guides who will communicate with your loved ones in spirit and ask them for any final message.  Who wouldn't want a message from their loved ones?


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I'm very excited to share these great offers with you.  If you are drawn to any, then click the relevant option and I will be speaking with you very soon.

Have a lovely day, you beautiful soul.

Sarah x
@The Spiritual Mystique

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