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Questions and Answers

Listed below are questions and answers that have been asked by customers.

Can I book a delivery of food without using Whatsapp 

We use this app because it can give us a live location.  If your property is easy enough to find in Kallepia and you can describe it well, you are welcome to send us a message or even a direct message, using Messenger.  Please ensure your telephone number is added, just in case we cannot find you.

Can I pay by card in the Coffee Shop

Yes, we have a card reading machine so the facility to take debit and credit cards is available.  If the item is less than €5 then a charge of 50 cent is added to cover the supplier fees.

I live in Australia, am I able to book a reading?

You are asked a series of questions when booking a reading.  You do not need to attend physically.  Therefore anyone in the world can request a reading.

How do I know that my request for a reading has been received?

You will receive an automated email outlining your request immediately.  If within an hour you have not received that request, please email informing us, and we can then look into the system and see what went wrong.

What payment methods do you take?

The website uses debit and visa card payments, and Paypal. We do not accept cheque or postal orders.

How long will it take to receive my reading?

Tarot readings are usually emailed to you with 7 days.  If there is a further delay you will be notified immediately.

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