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Readings can be carried out without you actually being here in person. 

The Spiritual Mystique will connect with her spirit guides, who connect with your

spirit guides and then your energy is felt. 

A full reading with explanations and photographs of the cards

will be emailed to you, so you see every step of the

reading as if you were sitting in front of the reader.

You will be amazed at how accurate the results are. 

Online readings are paid in pound sterling.  

Your reading is usually sent to you within 48 hours. 

Please allow 7 working days for your reading to

be delivered to your email address. 

If there is a further delay then we will let you know.

Readings in person are €40 and are only available by appointment only. 

Please message 99473370 to book your reading.

Have a beautiful day.

Namaste 🙏 

Tarot Readings by The Spiritual Mystique

Introducing Sarah, The Spiritual Mystique

Sarah, 'The Spiritual Mystique' has always been connected to "spirit" from a very young age, too scared to say anything because back then you were 'labelled' and told it was just an overactive imagination.  She would just know things but have no explanation of how she knew.  She would sense spirit near her and have visions that would come true.  Sarah's grandmother read her tea leaves once; maybe she had "the gift" too, but it was never a conversation that was had.  The number of times spirit stepped forward when she really needed someone's support was never ending.  

After years of ignoring her spiritual gifts, at the age of 29, a woman in rags came up to Sarah while she was sunbathing on holiday in Cyprus.  The woman held her hand and began telling her what she could see and how she had "the gift" and should be utilising it.  That day changed Sarah's life forever.  The lady gave a vision and told Sarah that when that vision happened, it would be a clear sign that a spiritual world existed.  

The Spiritual Mystique.jpg

Within months that vision happened, and the accuracy was unreal.  How could she have known? This was indeed the confirmation Sarah had been waiting for.  From that day onwards Sarah knew she had to stop ignoring the signals and embrace her gifts, so she joined a spiritual circle to develop herself.

Sarah is from an education background, teaching Business, IT and Accounting for over 20 years.  When she got to her 40's she was bombarded with experiences and psychic visions and then she got hit with a health condition that forced her to reassess her entire life.  Sometimes when you don't listen to your destiny, spirit has a funny way to stop you in your tracks.

Sarah now runs tarot readings, courses and workshops in many areas of spirituality.  She offers Reiki Healing, along with Crystal Therapy and Chakra Balancing as a treatment to clients, so whether you need your chakras aligned or simply need a relaxing treatment, Sarah is the lady for you. 

Sarah also embeds the ashes of loved ones inside beautiful pieces of art or jewellery.  Pop in and have a chat if this is something you are interested in.

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Party Group
Tarot Reading

The Spiritual Mystique - Party Tarot Reading (1).jpg

Online readings are in UK Sterling

£30.00 per person

Why not hold a tarot mini reading party, which is becoming very popular.  Great excuse to get together with your friends and have some fun too.  Minimum 6 people, maximum 12.  Bookings can be made within 15 miles of postcode 8541.

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Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

The Spiritual Mystique - Learn Tarot for Beginners (1).jpg

Online readings are in UK Sterling


Your loved ones in spirit are around you continually and always on hand to offer some guidance, love and support. Mediumship messages can be very comforting.  How does it work?  The reader connects with their spirit guides who call forward your loved ones, and messages are guided back to the reader. We ask you to specify a question or situation that you would like your reading based around.  The reader is guided to draw some cards for you and a photo of these will be sent to you along with a full written account of your reading. 


SPECIAL NOTE:  You are not required to be there in person.  Your guides will step forward. In the custom text box please write the question you would like the reading on.

Don't just write...

Moving reading

Be specific....

What is the situation around me moving in the next year?

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Past, Present and Future Reading

The Spiritual Mystique - Past Present and Future Tarot Reading (1).jpg

Online readings are in UK Sterling


This 3 card reading looks at the past, present and where you will heading in relation to the question or situation you ask.  It is perfect for love questions, career questions or unexpected situations.


SPECIAL NOTE:  You are not required to be there in person.  Your guides will step forward. In the custom text box please write the question you would like the reading on.

Be specific when asking your question.

For example not just write this....

Love reading


Be specific....

Will I fall in love within the next 6 months?

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Yes/No Answer

The Spiritual Mystique - Yes No Tarot Reading (1).jpg

Online readings are in UK Sterling


This 5 card reading answers the question you would like the answer to.  In the pack some cards are upside down.  If the card is upright then the answer is Yes, if its upside down then the answer is No.  The majority will answer your question.  Perfect for an immediate answer.  

You are not required to be there in person.  Your guides will step forward.

Please be specific when asking your question.  Eg...

Do I find my true love within 6 months?

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One Card Reading

The Spiritual Mystique - One Card Tarot Reading (1).jpg

Online readings are in UK Sterling


You simply ask the question you would like answered and one card will be drawn.  You will be given a photograph of the tarot card and a written interpretation.


SPECIAL NOTE:  Your presence is not required.  Your guides will step forward and work with my guides to draw in your energy.

In the custom text box, there is space to write the question you would like answered.

For example...  do not write this as its too vague.....

Will I get promotion?


Be specific... 

Will I get promotion with my company within 6 months?

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Picture Reading

The Spiritual Mystique - Photo reading pic (1).jpg

Online readings are in UK Sterling


Once payment has been made an email will be sent to you asking you to upload the photograph.  A reading will then be emailed to you.

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What people say...

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